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We understand how important it is to select your conservatory building company and we believe we do things differently, professional straight forward advice, no pressure selling and an attention to detail that leaves our competitors in our wake.

Whether you are looking for a Sun Lounge, or an Edwardian or Victorian conservatory, or something totally bespoke, all of our conservatories are individually created to match your personal preferences and complement the existing features of your home, suiting both your style and budget.

With so many companies out there, choosing the perfect conservatory style, size and even supplier for your new investment can be a difficult and demanding task.

Conservatory designs

There are so many choices available from a contemporary look to a classic traditional style, your conservatory can be tailored to meet your own needs.

Edwardian and Georgian

Edwardian and Georgian designs will fill your new living space with light due to their high glass ceilings. The design has a flat front and a rectangle shape maximizing space inside for furniture. This design is probably best chosen for Georgian and Edwardian homes but can be fitted to most home designs. It is a classic style but due to the flat front can be combined with bi-fold doors.


The Victorian design is timeless and elegant and comes with either a three or five paneled faceted end. The multi-faceted bay provides a great viewing point of the garden.


The gable design tends to have two sloping roofs ending in a vertical gable end. The design screams architectural grandeur and is best used on older home with high ceilings than homes that new new or with modern designs.

Lean to

A lean to conservatory generally has a sloped roof that leans away from the property. The design consists of modern, simple and clean lines and is suitable for most homes. This is a good option for a bungalow as the conservatory will easily fit under lower roofs.

Gull Wing

The gull wing conservatory is more intricate than an Edwardian or lean-to conservatory. With an angled roof, it is a stylish and contemporary option. Its design also maximizes space inside for furniture. Gull wing conservatories suit the majority of properties and will add a touch of character.

Glazed extensions

For something a bit more contemporary people are now opting for glazed extensions rather than traditional conservatories. Glazed extensions offer a sleek covered outdoor living space. Glazed extensions are made to measure and normally consist of UPVC and floor to ceiling glass sheets. The look is usually paired with bi-fold doors to create a stunning minimalistic design feature from home to garden.

Woodgrain Colours

Conservatories can be bought in a range of different colours to match your home and there are even a range of alternative colours. Colours include: golden oak, cherry wood, mahogany, rustic cherry, wood grain white, black/brown, cream, grey, green and Chartwell green.

Glazing Options

Apart from the initial design and colour choice you will need to consider the type of glass that your conservatory comes with. There are a few different options to suit different budgets. The glass in a conservatory is an important consideration as quality glass will better insulate your home and there are even self cleaning options which are a godsend if unlike most of us you do not have time to clean your windows every fortnight, especially with conservatories having glass roofs.

Low E Glass

Low E glass has a microscopic metal coating that reflects the heat back into the home. Combining this type of glass with a double glazed unit will on average be insulated 33% better. This will not only keep your home warmer but it will also save you money on your heating bills.

Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass is tinted to absorb heat. The glass is available in a range of tints which allows the glass to absorb more heat, whilst the coating reflects the heat back to the outside. Benefits of this include: a more comfortable living space in the summer, less need for expensive blinds and reduced sun damage fading material of carpets and furniture.

Self Cleaning Glass

A special coating can be applied to the glass as part of the manufacturing process. The film applied will help keep your windows clean for longer. The coating used the natural sunlight and rain and breaks down grime that accumulates on the outside of the windows. This removes the need for cleaning as often.


Polycarbonate is a light-weight insulating glazing material. It is designed to provide resistance against the effects of UV weathering.

Planning Permission

Conservatories do not normally need planning permission providing certain limits and conditions are met. Before ordering any conservatory check out the government’s guide to planning permission for projects.


The price for your new conservatory is a factor that everyone will need to consider. It is worth factoring into the budget the additional cost for blinds or solar glass, new furniture and any other accessories you may need to complete your project.