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Gravestone Cleaning

Gravestone Cleaning

Over a period of time gravestones will accumulate a layer of deposits resulting from hard water, dust, dirt, or lichens, mold and fungus that usually grow on a porous stone. Due to the different types of materials used as a gravestones, it is first important to understand how each material needs to be cleaned. and will reference other publications for further reading.

We understand the importance of caring for the final resting place of our loved ones and we take extra care when cleaning such delicate, sentimental and often aged structures, rather than using abrasive cloths and chemicals.

With a long history and experience we can provide an expert approach to cleaning the oldest headstones and memorials. Using the latest in modern and well maintained equipment we get gravestones beautifully clean without scarring or damaging them. One of the few things, which can ruin the appearance of your personal property or your office, is graffiti. In today’s world it is a growing concern especially in the highly populated cities. Especially any rude or racist remarks can make your life even more uncomfortable.

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