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Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural Stone Cleaning

Walton Home Improvements offers you the most in-depth and comprehensive Tile Cleaning, Stone Cleaning service for all types of natural and man-made stone, such as marble cleaning & polishing, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, slate cleaning and quarry tile cleaning.

Natural Stone Cleaning for Floors: The natural beauty of your stone floor can become faded over time. The day to day wear from your shoes and boots on your floor takes its toll. Debris in the form of grit, sand and dirt is abrasive under foot will scratch your floor. Spillage of liquids and wet muddy boots can leave your stone floor stained. All making your stone floor look far less appealing.

Fireplace Stone Cleaning: Keeping your natural stone fireplace place looking beautiful and clean is not easy with a regularly used stone fireplace. The soot from the coals or wood can leave marks in the stone. The smoke from many blazing fires will gradually discolour your stone fireplace. Coffee, tea and wine can also leave stains on your natural stone fireplace. The day to day use of your fireplace will takes it toll.

Natural Stone Cleaning for Worktop and Vanity Units: Your kitchen natural stone worktops can make the difference between a nice kitchen or a stunning kitchen. The stone worktops are subject to daily use. Sharp knives causing scratches. The juices of fresh foods leaving their stains. Hot saucepans creating heated rings on the stone worktops too. Lime scale can build up around sinks and draining boards, even normal domestic cleaning products can ruin the high gloss finish of your stone.

Natural Stone Cleaning for Water Features: Patios, paving, water features and garden ornaments will be subjected to all the elements we British are used to; wind, rain, snow and sunshine. Moss and algae will for on the stone causing it to discolour and stain.

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