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Roof Installation, Repairs and Maintenance in Surrey

Roof Installation, Repairs and Maintenance in Surrey

Walton Home improvements offers the ultimate solution to all your roof repairs, roof painting, roof maintenance, roof restorations, roof replacements and roof cleaning problems.

When it comes to home improvement, your roof is one of the most important areas to attend to and yet it is also the most commonly overlooked. Regular care and maintenance of your roof can ensure that your home looks good and keeps your most important assets well-protected.

We specialise in all types of residential roofing works, working with all types of roofing materials for roof repairs and replacement. From the initial quote stage through to completion of your new roof, you are ensured of our efficient and professional workmanship at all times. We always provide prompt and professional roofing works. From the initial quote stage through to completion of your new roof, you are ensured of our efficient and professional workmanship at all times.

Repairing and Replacing Damaged Roofs

Damaged roofs pose a threat to the residents of a household. Old roofs might need to be replaced depending on the extent of damage they suffer. When the damage is superficial, we recommend a roof restoration and repair. However, if the damage is extensive, we suggest re-roofing. This ensures that you are living under a safe roofing system at all times and helps you to save on recurring repair expenses. Roof replacement becomes mandatory for reasons such as visible cracks and disfigurement of the roof, curling or buckling shingles and damaged roof boards.

Roof Cleaning

Having an old roof doesn't necessarily mean it needs a replacement, more often than not, to restore that natural shine all it takes is a comprehensive clean. At Walton Home improvements , we use high pressure cleaning along with specialised chemicals to thoroughly clean your roof.

Experienced Roof Replacement

We have long years of experience in roof replacement works. You can be assured of quality and efficiency of the work. Since we use the best roofing materials and installation techniques, your new roof remains durable and intact for years.

Roof Painting

Treat your roof to a brand new layer of protective paint coating and sealant. Roof painting may also help reduce household energy bills as advanced, new heat reflecting technology is applied in all new coating layers

Guttering & Downpipes

We are not only about roofs; our roofing experts in Sydney will also tend to damaged gutters and downpipes. Our extensive repair services include repairing and replacing damaged gutters, downpipes, fascia’s and gutter pipes.


  • Many property owners find it hard to spend money on something that is working just fine. If the roof doesn’t have a leak, they see no reason of investing their money on it. Others also hesitate to maintain just because they have a warranty. Well, the life expectancy of your roof relates directly to how often inspection is done on it, and how soon small problems are detected and dealt with. Having a program for regular inspections and rectifying whatever problem you find within the shortest period of time will ensure that the roof of your property lasts as long as they were designed to last, if not longer.
  • The inspection and maintenance also need to be done by a highly skilled and professional team, in order to guarantee its effectiveness as well as yield value for money. That is exactly what we offer at Impulse.
  • With regular maintenance, you can schedule the maintenance in advance, at specific intervals. This eliminates the need for you to have to remember every time as we get to do that for you. We can also help you with determining the ideal intervals for your roof maintenance so as to ensure that you spend the least while getting the most.
  • You get to avoid any leaking roof. With regular maintenance, any damages or irregularities on your roof can be detected and rectified on time before they start to cause you any inconveniences. In some cases, small damages in the roof compound with time to form extensive damages that lead to very expensive roof repairs or replacement. You can save on all that cost by simply detecting a problem early enough and rectifying it.


  • Result from our previous works speak volumes for itself. Whatever you need new roof or roofing repairs or roof restoration, we will deliver. We also ensure that the job is completed within the shortest time possible to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences to you.
  • Value for money. Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. In relation to the exemplary services that we offer, it is a great deal for anyone living in Surrey, London and Berkshire area.
  • We have a highly qualified and professional team that has lots of experience in relation to roofing, always ready to assist you.
  • Reaction time. Our services are quite easy to access, and available all over New South Wales. We will repair that fault that is causing a leak in your roof within a very short time, relieving you from all the discomfort it might had been causing you.