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Underfloor heating & insulation

Underfloor heating & insulation

If you are planning on having your home renovated then perhaps it is worth considering having a water underfloor heating system installed. Underfloor heating installation (also known as underground heating or water underfloor heating installation) can be a complex process if done incorrectly, which is why it is important to hire a professional underfloor heating company.

Underfloor heating provides “invisible” warmth – ideal for modern living, giving clean interior design and maximum usable wall space (as extra radiators are not required). Installing underfloor heating is safer and cleaner than radiator systems as there are no hot surfaces, also dust and air movement is minimised. We ensure that our underfloor heating installers are trained to a high standard in order for them to be recognised underfloor heating specialists.

An underfloor heating system warms the floor structure and the floor surface warms the room or space. The main method of heat transfer is by radiation which, is the most natural and comfortable form of heating. Having your feet slightly warmer than the head provides the optimum comfort condition.

The benefits of underfloor heating compared with traditional radiator systems are clear:

  • Energy efficient ‘invisible’ warmth - savings on running costs compared to traditional radiator systems
  • Uniform heat - good distribution over the whole room
  • Greater level of comfort - the temperature profile is very close to ideal human comfort levels
  • No cold floors - stone and ceramic floors are more pleasant underfoot when warm
  • Complements the operation of condensing boilers - underfloor heating is designed to operate at lower temperatures than traditional radiator systems
  • Ideal for modern lifestyles - allows total freedom on furniture layout and room utilisation
  • Clean interior design - no dusting behind radiators required
  • Safe for children, elderly and the less able - no exposed hot surfaces to create a burn hazard
  • Low allergy - convected airborne dust levels reduced and underfloor heating discourages house dust mite within floor coverings
  • Low maintenance - no decoration or renewal of radiators and no radiators to ‘drop’ to enable redecoration of rooms
  • No staining of walls - convective air currents above radiators often stain decorations
  • Less likelihood of insurance leak claims - no risk of leaks from radiators and associated connections
  • Silent running - no expansion creaking or water flow noise
  • Ideal for high ceilings - maintains the heat at the same level as the occupancy

As the floor surface area is large compared to the size of a radiator, the floor temperature can usually be set quite low and close to the actual room temperature.

Underfloor heating is very popular form of heating due to its comfort and efficiency. Underfloor heating provides a constant and comfortable heat and the absence of radiators, will makes furniture placement easier. However it is important that floor coverings do not provide too great a degree of insulation.

Walton Home Improvements have been advocates of traditional underfloor heating systems and a variety of new style underfloor heating solutions for many years. The experience we’ve gained through the successful design and installation of many schemes ranging in size and complexity makes us the ideal choice to advise you on the best system to meet your needs.